“Run! Tell the Surveyor, ‘Jerusalem will burst its walls—bursting with people, bursting with animals. And I’ll be right there with her’—God’s Decree—‘a wall of fire around unwalled Jerusalem and a radiant presence within.’”
Zechariah 2:4-5 (MSG)

The Journey So Far...

In 2016 we came together to celebrate who we are and to challenge ourselves to become the church in the heart of the nation as we gather, we go and we grow.

Throughout 2017 we took DNA on the road and met in our Chelmsley, Stratford and Wroxall locations. We considered what it means to be one church in four locations, to extend our reach into the heart of the nation and to move beyond the current walls of our church - a church without walls.

Join us at DNA through 2018 as we continue to journey together. There is no doubt God is very much in our midst there are obvious signs of His blessing, His promises, His Presence. We are seeing fruit within all four locations and throughout the generations. We are also coming up against significant challenges. This is a time of repositioning, we are repositioning more than staff positions, but also heart, priorities and focus. It is a journey! One we are embarking upon, one we must take, one where we believe God is leading us along.

The most important thing is we are together on this journey and we will only move as the Lord by His Spirit leads and guides us.


May 19th 2018

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Our second DNA meeting is at Renewal Solihull on Saturday 29th September. Click here to find out more.

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