Guiding you to greater impact

Equip is Renewal’s hub for development and training. The heart of Equip and the vision of Renewal, is that we want to guide individuals, groups, teams and ministries towards greater impact for the gospel.

The Circles

The three circles represent the areas of Life, Learn and Lead. They are designed to look like a ripple effect that works outwards as God creates more impact in your life.

Life. Learn. Lead.

Whether that be in an organisation or work place, or a social, family or community setting, or within a church ministry; each of the three areas of Life, Learn and Lead deepens the need to progress in how we follow Christ.

When is it?

Sessions at Central run on the first two Thursday nights of each month in the Family Centre. Doors open at 7pm for coffee and all sessions are finished for 9pm. The Renewal coffee shop is also open late for dinner. 

We are now taking registrations for 2016.

In addition to Equip we also offer a diploma course which you can read about here.

Upcoming sessions

January 7th/14th
Knowing me, knowing you - Sessions 1 + 2
How to develop in the prophetic - Sessions 1 + 2

February 4th/11th
Knowing me, knowing you - Sessions 3 + 4
How to develop in the prophetic - Sessions 3 + 4

March 3rd/10th
How to pray - Sessions 1 + 2
Communication masterclass - Sessions 1 + 2
Hot topics

March 11th/18th/19th
Marriage preparation


If you have any questions, please contact the team at

Register now

To register, please complete the form below, letting us know which session you'd like to attend, or head to the Info Point after any service. Once registered, look out for our confirmation email. We’ll send this and everything you need to the email address you signed up with.

Knowing me, knowing you

For those who want to discover more about their identity in Christ

  • To know who you are in God
  • To develop a right attitude to yourself
  • To use this to help you to build relationships with others.

Continues later in the year with follow on sessions.

Communication masterclass 

These two sessions are designed to help give some extra tuition to those who will deliver up front communication in the church. Whether that may be as a team leader or a speaker. This masterclass aims to give both guidelines and how we can be most impactful with what we believe God wants us to share.

How to develop in the prophetic

These sessions are for anyone wanting to discover more about how you operate, apply and develop in prophetic gifting. There is tremendous potential to encourage people to prophesy and to give practical instruction and establish guidelines for the prophetic gift and ministry, both inside and outside a church setting.

Hot topics 

For those who want to engage into the biggest questions of life and faith for the day. This is more than a chance to discuss and have dialogue, but develop the apologetic reasoning that helps you be confident to talk about any and every difficult issue facing Christians in the 21st century

How to pray

In this session we will look at how we talk and listen to God. We'll be digging into how we can strengthen our spiritual discipline, not out of duty, but as nutrition to our spirit that allows us a more intimate relationship with God. There will be practical tips and opportunities to discuss the challenges of prayer together.

Marriage preparation

These sessions are designed to help couples prepare for their forthcoming marriage.