Guiding you to greater impact

Equip is Renewal’s hub for development and training. The heart of Equip and the vision of Renewal, is that we want to guide individuals, groups, teams and ministries towards greater impact for the gospel.

The Circles

The three circles represent the areas of Life, Learn and Lead. They are designed to look like a ripple effect that works outwards as God creates more impact in your life.

Life. Learn. Lead.

Whether that be in an organisation or work place, or a social, family or community setting, or within a church ministry; each of the three areas of Life, Learn and Lead deepens the need to progress in how we follow Christ.

When is it?

Sessions at Central run on the first two Thursday nights of each month in the Family Centre. Doors open at 7pm for coffee and all sessions are finished for 9pm. The Renewal coffee shop is also open late for dinner.

We are now taking registrations for 2016.

In addition to Equip we also offer a diploma course which you can read about here.

April - June 2016

Upcoming sessions

April 7th/14th

Follow Me - Sessions 1 + 2
Getting into the Bible - Sessions 1 + 2
How to share your faith? - Sessions 1 + 2

May 5th/12th

Follow Me - Sessions 3 + 4
Getting into the Bible - Sessions 3 + 4
How to share your faith? - Sessions 3 + 4

June 2nd/9th

Follow Me - Sessions 5 + 6
Getting into the Bible - Sessions 5 + 6
Why do bad things happen to good people? - Sessions 1 + 2

July - August 2016

Enjoy the summer months at Equip by developing a thoughtful faith with some deeper opportunities. July and August welcomes the addition of some big teaches from some of Renewal's best communicators. Each are one off sessions with 50% teaching and then 50% extended opportunity to hold Q&A with the speaker and wider team members. Join us for our 'Theology Afterparties!

Upcoming sessions

July 7th


July 14th


August 4th

Stress & Pressure

August 11th

Understanding Healing

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Download our brochure

If you are interested in any of our January - June 2016 courses and would like more information you can download the brochure here

Why do bad things happen to good people?

When certain things happen we all search for answers and require explanations. We want to know why we suffer as we do. It is reasonable to ask “Can somebody please explain this?” Based on the book of Job, we will explore the overall perspective of suffering.

Follow Me

For those who want to ground their discipleship. To follow Christ is the heart defining call of any disciple. This is a life changing invitation that is offered to us but often we have both a mixed concept of discipleship, especially in a modern context, or, we have not had the guidance that is so valuable to help us strengthen.

Getting into the Bible

We offer a module that shares with participants the knowledge of the tools available to help them get below the surface of the Bible, its stories and characters. We aim to provide foundational understanding, an overview and the primary messages that enable people to learn more for themselves about Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

How to share your faith?

For any believer who wants to be further equipped with sharing their faith, leading people to Jesus and engaging both secular friends and those of other faith backgrounds.