What is FaithBuilders?

FaithBuilders is the sunday school department at Renewal. FaithBuilders is run by a group of amazing volunteers who have all been DBS and CRB checked. The team have also been trained on supporting positive behaviour, safeguarding children, and how to get very messy! All of our team are under the supervision of the church leadership and receive regular training.

You can spot them easily - they are the good looking ones wearing FaithBuilders t-shirts and hoodies! Our volunteers work two Sundays in four, so your child will get to know both teams.


At FaithBuilders, we want the children to experience Jesus in such a way that it challenges them to live a life that is different. Each session we run has a Wow Moment – a simple yet amazing Bible truth. Following this we have a Doing Verse, a scripture that confirms the Wow Moment but challenges them to respond with an action.

We produce teaching packs each quarter for our teams to work from and provide all the necessary resources for your child. If you would like a copy of our material or have further questions about the teaching content, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

When you arrive

A full FaithBuilders programme runs at all Solihull, Stratford and Chelmsley Wood services. A member of our team will meet you at check in and register your child. It's best for your child to attend the same location at the same time each week. We know it's not always possible to attend every Sunday, but if you can attend at the same location/time then your child will have a better chance of building friendships.

If your child is nervous about attending, please ask a member of our team at check in. We would be happy to form a plan to settle your child into FaithBuilders.

Check in closes 20 minutes after the start of each service.

It's good to give

Each week we take an offering during the Sunday service. Any children that have brought money will have the opportunity to put it in the jar. If you would like your child to take part, you could give them a coin to bring each week. Our focus is helping children learn about the principle of giving and helping others – there is no expectation of amount.

Gem Jars

To encourage positive behaviour we have a reward system in FaithBuilders - Gem Jars. Children earn gems for:

  1. Looking after others
  2. Looking after ourselves
  3. Looking after property

You could ask your child if they earned any Gems whilst with us – it’s a great achievement when they do and is well worth celebrating!

Each term, children have the opportunity to work with their group to fill the gem jar and earn a special reward morning treat.


We hope that your children have a wonderful time in FaithBuilders. If you do have a question, however small, don’t hesitate to contact us or ask a leader at check in on a Sunday.