Romans is Paul's magnum opus (a Latin phrase meaning greatest work or accomplishment). This greatest work is a revelation of God's plan to redeem, reconcile & restore, which Christian doesn’t want more of that?

In the Romans series, the teaching team at Renewal want you to see the brilliant diamond of the gospel against the darkest of backgrounds. Throughout the letter God changes the world by changing people. We see that Paul, the author, completely holds his identity in how he belongs to Christ and through the power of the gospel that has saved him, an aspect by which he is unashamed of. We are subsequently challenged to grow in the dynamic faith that not only saves us, but gives us so much more. By grace we are set free and that power comes down to position. It comes down to perspective. It comes down to practice. Even in tough times, the reason we can endure suffering is because we know who we are and we know where we are and we know what is ahead of us!

Romans is a series that will change you as you get the revelation of:

What God has done in Jesus Christ to put things right? (Our Redemption)

How that the cross has brought you back into relationship with God? (Our Reconciliation)

How the results of history will turn out in the end? (Our Restoration)

Get ready for the transformation!

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